Üyelik SözleƟmesi (en)

1. Approval of the contract


If you wish to become a member of our Web Site, you must first fill out the registration form and agree to comply with the terms and conditions of the Web Page Membership Agreement. The User is deemed to have committed to complying with the Web Site Agreement from time to time that he has completed and approved the registration form or has received or ordered any service using this system.


2. Definition of Services


Members who approve the Web Page agreement have the opportunity to make purchases from the Web Page on the internet.


3. Webpage membership system


The member of our Web page will have a user name (e-mail) and password that he or she will specify.


The user name is unique to the member and the same user name is not given to two different members.


The password is only known by the user. User can change password whenever wants to. The selection and password is the user's responsibility to protect all. Our Web Site is not responsible for any problems arising from the use of passwords.


The user must enter his / her username and password in order to be able to connect to the required services. This process is described as login to our Web Page.


4. Obligations of the Member


While the Member is making use of our Web Page services,


- the fact that the information on the registration form is correct and that this information is necessary (such as forgetting the password), that the information belongs to the user himself / herself because of the damage caused by the faulty or deficient information,


- that the copyright of the services and software provided by our Web Page belongs to our Web Site,


- that the responsibility of the personally identifiable information, ideas, expressions, files added to the Web Page environment and the personally identifiable information it provides when using the Web Page services is their own responsibility and that Web Page can not be held responsible for these files,


- In the case of services provided by our Web Site, in some cases we may not be responsible for the fact that information about 18 years of age may be included,


- that our Web Site will not be responsible for information messages and files that will be lost and / or incomplete, incorrectly adressed during use of our Services,


- Failure to access any of the services provided on our Web Site outside of the form set forth by our Web Site and without authorization, and not to change the software in any way, to use any of the information that has been changed, and to pay all material and moral damages that may be experienced by our Web Site,


- that our Web Page will not be held liable for damages that may arise from the unauthorized reading of member data,


- threatening, immoral, racist, Republic of Turkey to the law, not to send messages contrary to international agreements,


- The nicks that can be used as a user name must comply with general moral, etiquette and legal rules,


- harass and threaten other users,


- Do not act in a way that affects other users'


- Not to publish, to not distribute, to distribute, to dishonest, cheat, unethical, improper or illegal material or information of the names of persons or institutions,


- not to advertise, not to offer to sell or sell any goods or services, not to conduct surveys, contests or chain letters,


- Failure to claim compensation from our Web Site for any damage to the user's computer caused by any recordings or materials obtained through the use of the Web Page services or for damages incurred by the user on the user's computer, the loss of information or other damages, ,


- not to use our Web Services for commercial or commercial purposes without permission from our Web Site,


- Our Web Page has the ability to monitor the entire system at any time,


- If you are in contravention of the rules, you have the right to be in the necessary interventions and to expel the member from the service and to terminate the membership,


- Our Web Page contains information that you may use your own system for commercial purposes,


- Do not mail information that is prohibited to be mailed according to the law and not to distribute unauthorized mail such as chain mail, software virus (etc.)


- To not record, misuse,


- that the user is responsible for any transaction he /


- The customer has to make the purchase transaction on the system via a valid credit card, the credit card will not be able to make purchases from the system if the credit card validity is not approved.


- Customers are required to show a valid identity card when required at the time of delivering the goods, to allow the registration of the relevant credentials and to sign the relevant places